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Tartan Guppy provides a live guarantee where any creature or plant that unfortunately has not survived the journey will be refunded pro rata. Delivery must have been accepted on first attempt and notification must be made to ourselves within 24hrs of the item arriving. Delivery costs are non-refundable and a photograph of the creature or plant in the unopened bag must be provided with any claim.

Daphnia Starter Culture

Daphnia Starter Culture
Brand: Tartan Guppy
Product Code: Daph-50
Availability: Coming Soon !
Price: £3.99
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Daphnia, also called "water fleas" are found in the order Cladocera and are sometimes called Cladocerans.
Daphnia are crustaceans and related to lobsters, crabs and shrimp. They are invertebrates with a hard outer shell and are different from another type of "water flea" the brine shrimp (Artemia). They swim freely about and are from 1/2 to 3mm long.

These are not the bags that are sealed somewhere abroad and shipped for several days before arriving with the seller and then more days as they post them to you. This is a starter culture from our my own covered breeding tanks and each culture is bagged and shipped the same day so the Daphnia are as fresh as then can be when they arrive with you and they are are disease free.
You will get 50 Daphnia taken directly from our main cultures. 
Daphnia are very easy to maintain, although the culture will 'pulse' and have productive and less productive periods. They can be kept in anything from a 500ml bottle upwards, although the larger the better.
The best thing you can do with this culture is put them in an old aquarium or container, out in the garden. Cover it with mesh or flyscreen and feed it a yeast / soya flour mix every 2-3 days (or when the water clears again). Within a week or so you will have more Daphnia than you need !

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