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Tartan Guppy provides a live guarantee where any creature or plant that unfortunately has not survived the journey will be refunded pro rata. Delivery must have been accepted on first attempt and notification must be made to ourselves within 24hrs of the item arriving. Delivery costs are non-refundable and a photograph of the creature or plant in the unopened bag must be provided with any claim.

Najas guadalupensis 'Guppy Grass'

Najas guadalupensis 'Guppy Grass'
Brand: Tartan Guppy
Product Code: #5
Availability: Coming Soon !
Price: £2.99

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Najas guadalupensis or better known as Guppy Grass is a very undemanding plant. You can just let this plant float in your tank and it will overtake your tank in matter of weeks. Plant in the background to create a wall of foliage. Najas grass efficiently pulls nitrate from the water column, so it can be used in heavily stocked tanks to keep nitrate levels lower.
When allowed to grow densely, najas grass is a great place for fry to hide and stay safe from other predatory fish.
You will receive a portion of Guppy Grass with 5, 10 or 15 medium to short stems. It is fast growing so an amount like this will quickly expand and grow in a short space of time.

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